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Our Directors.

The dynamic nature of SPS Corporation is reflected in its organisational structure. Regional offices are established across Australia to provide customers with localised service. SPS Corporation's Australian and international operations share a common Board of Directors and Executive Management Team, creating a consistent vision and direction across the Group. SPS Corporation is committed to strong corporate governance principals.

With over 40 years at the head of SPS Corporation, Tony Pace is the commercial driving force behind the Group. Tony has developed significant international product supply lines across all divisions of the Group and is a key stakeholder in these relationships. As a Fellow - Certified Practicing Accountant, his extensive business acumen and industry experience provides the vision to the Group for its ongoing growth and expansion.

Tony possesses 40 years' experience across all facets of the SPS Corporation group of Companies, with a key focus on the Group's manufacturing, distribution and logistics operations.

With over 35 years' experience servicing the Australian Recreational Vehicle industry, Nat remains the key behind the NCE Company's product development and sourcing function. His extensive industry knowledge underpins his ability to design, source and deliver to market innovation and on-trend products making NCE a leading supplier to the Australian Recreational Vehicle industry. Nat also holds the position of President of the Caravan Industry Association of Victoria.

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